EAdriatic League and Esports Federation of BIH Join Forces under Strict Oversight of Anti-Doping Agency

The Adriatic League and the Esports Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are leading the way in Europe by implementing regular doping tests in their esports league. This move follows the adoption of Anti-Doping Rules by the International Esports Federation, in partnership with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and their acceptance of the WADA World Anti-Doping Code.

The Anti-Doping Control Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina has conducted the first three doping tests in electronic sports within the country. Alongside combating prohibited substance use, the Agency is actively engaged in upholding competition integrity by combatting match-fixing and ensuring fair play conditions. This effort holds significant importance in preventing manipulations that may benefit bettors, thereby safeguarding the purity and fairness of esports.

Esports, encompassing professional video game competitions, grapples with the issue of stimulant abuse aimed at enhancing players’ reflexes, quick reactions to screen changes, and stress management. Commonly abused substances include ADHD-specific stimulants, alongside cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana.

Thanks to the initiative and collaboration with the general secretary of EAdriatic and the Esports Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the BiH Anti-Doping Control Agency is steering esports towards adherence to all regulations akin to traditional sports. This underscores a dedicated and organized approach within the esports community.